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Our office locates at 3min walk from the south exit of Shinjuku Station which is Japan's largest terminal station, where business and culture intersects.
We could offer you a best problem solving and solution regarding visa, licensing, business models, and administrative procedures in your business start up in Japan.
We hope to be your best business partner in Japan.

Tokyo International Integration Group consists of, Immigration lawyer office, Attorney office, Accountant office, consulting office.
The specialists in each field offer you a high quality solution. As General Office will give you total support.
English only are available.


Tokyo International Immigration Lawyer Office

#Profile of Representatives
Takamasa Yamada
Birth year: 1975
Master of Laws (LL.M.),Juries' Doctor(J.D.)
Independent after working for company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
Speeches: University class "Present Society and Law"
Seminar at subsidiary of company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange "s" and company "d"
"Relation between investment and visa"
Company O "Compliance of the Company"
Coaching experience:Subsidiary of company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange "Company T"
"Responsibility of Cabinet board member"

Tokyo International Immigration Lawyer Office
Tokyo International Business Solution CO., LTD
Tokyo International Attorney Office
Tokyo International Accounting Office

Our Services

VISA Service

Firm that specializes in the acquisition of the management of visa.

Accounting Service

Advisory services on accounting and tax.

Legal Service

Contract creation and trademark registration , litigation.

Consulting Service

It suggest seven tips to your company comes out even more profits.

What "Business Manager " visa?

About the procedures to acquire "Business Manager visa"

In order to start a business or run a company in Japan, all foreigners must get a visa called "Business Manager " visa

1. If you are to engage in activties below you will need a "Business Mnagement visa"

Foreigners who are to run a company in Japan or engage in management position in Japanese company, these activities will be deemed as activities for "Business Manager visa"
For example company CEO, company board member director, Audit & Supervisory Board Member, Store Manager, Factor Manager will be Regard as "Business Manager visa"

2.Applying for Business Manager visa

Just investing for Japanese company or setting up a company will not automatically allow you to get "Business Manager visa". You will need to apply and go thought the immigration bureau's application. In order to go through the application, you will need to show the immigration bureau your business's stability and that business is promising. In order to do that you will have to turn in persuasive business plan sheet.
In below, are the things that it should be written in the business plan sheet.

a)Company profile
b)Owner's profile (working history, reasoning for setting up a company etc.)
c)Business concept
d)Business vision
e)Client information
f)About the products, services, skill etc
g)Market analysis
h)Competitive analysis
i)Marketing strategy
j)Conceptual diagram of your business
k)Organization chart
l)Sales plan
m)Employment plan
n)Finance plan

As professional we will support you to make your abstractive image of business or idea into a concrete business plan sheet.

Also, assuring an independent office will be one of the requirements to obtain "Business Manager Visa". There are no specific requirements about the size of the office, but this will depend on what kind of business you are going to do and, how the business scheme will be.
If you wish, our group company will introduce the property that best fits your demand and preferable for visa acquiring.

Next, the scale of the company must be certain level or more.
Usually, you will have to set up a company that has capital money of more than 5million yen. (There are exceptions, please ask as)

3. Steps to apply for Business Manager visa.

a)Contract a office preferable for your business and visa
b)Set up a company (apply to the ministry of Justice to inform and register your new company)
c)Report to the tax authority about the company set up.
d)Interior finishing and make up the working environment in your office
e)Apply for the licensing (if, necessary)
f)Employee hiring and adding them into the necessary insurance(If you are going to hire a employee from the start point)
g)Apply for visa to Immigration Bureau
h)Acquiring the Business Manager visa

Our office consists of, visa professional, real-estate professional, accountant professional, company set up professional, trial professional. We will support your entire step through acquiring Business Manager visa.

4.After acquiring the visa

When you are running a company there are many procedures and problem solving has to be made like, making a sales report paper and report it to tax authority, contract paper making and legal checking, responses to lawsuits, visa extension and etc.
Our professionals will support you in every dimension after you have acquired the visa.

If you have any problems in setting up a company or acquiring a business visa, feel free contract us from inquiry.
Phone calls are available, phone number: 03-6276-5078.
English speakers are welcome.